In 2019, I started the habit of sharing the best books I have read in a given year (you can see the 2019 list here). These are books that I’d strongly recommend if you didn’t check them already. So here goes my 2020 favorites.

The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century

Author: Thomas Friedman

This is arguably…

The authors argue that the real value of a product is often different from the perceived value and this dichotomy often leads to organizations building the wrong products or building the right product and delivering it poorly. …

Truth is, I always take interest in people (or teams, organizations, etc) who stick to a process and achieve incredible results. This is precisely why I am a fan of Kobe: his belief in the process. Or like Kobe himself put it:

“What separates great players from all-time great players…

In this entry, I attempt to answer one simple question: how can I quickly determine which programming language is better for my application: Python or Go? To answer that, we’ll take a high-level wholistic approach to assess how these two languages stack against each other.


This is a tricky one…

Alaeddine Mokri

Energy & Computing @ Shell & GWU (Opinions my own)

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